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Installing Windows 8 on Windows Azure

An attempt to automate provisioning of a small - server and client infrastructure on Windows Azure

The setup of this attempt consists of a domain controller, a file server and 10 domain joined Windows 8 clients.

There is no standard image of Windows 8 in the Azure Cloud. They offer by default (as in December 2012) a few Unix distributions and Windows Server 2012 Data Center, SQL and so on.

I was curious to find out whether or not it was possible to upload Windows 8 to Azure and run it in the cloud as well as find out the possible degree of automation. I am clueless about the licensing policies of Microsoft concerning Windows 8 and Azure, so this attempt is only experimental and not productive.

This is Part 5 of the tutorial Installing Windows 8 on Windows Azure

Part 1: See how to create a VHD Image for Azure
Part 2: See how to upload your VHD to Azure
Part 3: See how to create a Virtual Machine from VHD in Azure
Part 4: See how to capture an image in Azure after Sysprep

The goal was to automatically deploy Windows 8 and join it into a domain via PowerShell Script.

I created a Video Tutorial that contains most of the described parts of this tutorial. (Watch in HD)

Perquisites: You need to have a Domain Controller that is already deployed in the network.
Here you find a tutorial:

Execute the script

#Deploy a new VM and join it to the domain
#Specify my DC's DNS IP (
$clientName = 'clo-vdi-007'
$myDNS = New-AzureDNS -Name 'clo-svr-dc01' -IPAddress ''

# OS Image to Use
$image = 'img-win8-basic-v1'
$service = $clientName
$AG = 'agn-cloudtec'
$vnet = 'nwk-cloudtec'
$pwd = 'P@$$w0r.d'
$size = 'Small'

#VM Configuration
# -MachineOU (is optional, REMOVE IT IF YOU DONT HAVE IT
#I created a specific OU for the machine to join. There I can apply GPOs)
$vmname = $clientName
$MyVM1 = New-AzureVMConfig -name $vmname -InstanceSize $size -ImageName $image |
Add-AzureProvisioningConfig -WindowsDomain -Password $pwd -Domain 'cloudtec' -DomainPassword 'P@$$w0r.d' -DomainUserName 'Administrator' -JoinDomain 'cloudtec.local' -MachineObjectOU 'OU=Clients,OU=cloudtec,DC=cloudtec,DC=local'|
Set-AzureSubnet -SubnetNames 'sub-backend'

New-AzureVM -ServiceName $service -AffinityGroup $AG -VMs $MyVM1 -DnsSettings $myDNS -VNetName $vnet

Now the machine is provisioning...

After the machine is finished and ready, you can connect with RDP and immediately access it. In the embedded YouTube Video, I explain in detail how to create a user group and link it with GPOs to the local client's User Group of Remote Desktop Users. This enables multiple users to connect to a set of created virtual machine.

This tutorial was very experimental. But it helped me to better understand Azure.
Always create a mini project to learn something ,-)

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