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CMS & webshop

Combination for strong communication

A web shop must live not only with your products, but also through content and additional information. Ideally, you combine the web shop directly with your company website. We use a CMS system that is very flexible and ideally complements our web shop solution.

websites and web shops are very dependent on good quality content. Shop systems often focus on only the web shop processes and the article, but not the overall performance of the company. How are the products manufactured? Who or what is behind the products? There's plenty of potential to pick up your customers, generate additional web site traffic and to offer more details of the products to the customer. All that is necessary to induce the customer to buy. Moreover: the a customer can learn about a product, the smaller the return rate will be.

Connect online shop with CMS

In advance: learn more about the CMS System we use.

The simple variant

There are always countless ways. What is often practiced, is the shop integration as a sub domain, for example shop.meinewebseite.ch. The shop system is operated as an independent software and runs a shop on the sub domain. The shop is therefore separate and not included in the company's website. This variant is often chosen because it is easier. It has also disadvantages. This way, the shop benefits less under the subdomain from the link authority of the main domain. This may negatively impact the search results on Google.

Integrate shop directly on web site

Meinewebseite.ch/shop/artikel leads to better search results and helps not only the web shop, but also your company website with link building. You can link any page with products or integrate products directly into the page. If you write an article on your blog relating to a product, for example, you can integrate the product directly in the blog entry. Customers who have become aware about the blog post on your page can see the product directly on this web site. Here an example: narrow Fuchsia tie.

More advantages of direct integration

Basically you want a CMS and a web site, which are free in the design of contents and that you can easily maintain. We use a CMS system that is very adaptable and perfectly complements our Web shop solution. The CMS is suited excellently for multilingual web sites and to create country-specific content.

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by cloudtec Published: Updated: 30. May 2020

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