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Facebook & social media integration

Scheme data, micro data and rich content

There are many ways to market your product. Social media is a great way to build and expand a customer base. However, it must be done right. We can individually configure the web pages so that "social shares" will be passed on with the proper meta-data to the social networks.

The integration of social media plug-in as well as the filing of dynamic meta tags and scheme data is one of the strengths of the CMS Systems we use. There's much more behind a web page and an online store than you can see at first glance.

Scheme data are integrated into our product pages. Scheme data are for example, customer rating product description, inventory, price, currency, and so on. Search engines must recognize that it is an article and what properties it has. If an article is automatically entered with scheme date, the search result in Google looks like this:

Google Suchresultat Beispiel
Example Google search result

Social media integration

social media is a very good channel to have your products market through others. A simple Facebook "Like" button on the web site is not enough anymore to exploit the full potential. Each website may contain specific meta data/open graph data, which provide important information about the content of the website and the product to social networks.

The following features can help in the promotion of the products:

  • Automatic coupon generation, by clicking the 'like'-button.
  • Place targeted advertising for Facebook.
  • Provide selected images for Pinterest.
  • If the website is shared on Facebook, the Facebook user sees a description and a picture with a discount code. The discount code is not shown on the regular page. This increases the click rate of the split messages and it can be measured, how often a coupon that is shared via Facebook, will ultimately be redeemed.
Ein geteilter Link von dieKrawatte.ch
A shared link by dieKrawatte.ch

Clever online advertising

We implement your marketing ideas technically. There are not limits with our customized web shop solution.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 30. May 2020

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