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Increase conversion rate

Measure your success

Do you know which items generate revenue and what advertising measures are effective? Let the numbers speak. We have the right tools to measure success. We recommend regular controlling and reactive measures for a higher conversion rate.

Knowing what generates revenue and what advertising measures are effective is essential to evaluate the benefits of the marketing measures. Any transaction, any click can be traced. See how many times your newsletter has been opened, what coupon codes have resulted in the purchase and which banner ads generate more revenue,.

Google AdWords is an effective way to increase online sales.

Google Adwords Anzeige-Beispiel
Display Google AdWords example

If your web store has only been online for a short time, the positioning in Google is usually not very good. Use AdWords to bring more customers to your web site. We advise caution here, though: a keyword can quickly become a margin eater. Depending on the term, the click can cost up to 2 CHF and a click is still no purchase. You need to pay special attention to this so the investment in AdWords will be worth it. We will build a conversion tracking into the checkout page so you know exactly which keywords generate how much revenue and how much money Google got paid.

Google Analytics Keyword / Conversion Auswertungen
Google Analytics keyword / conversion analysis

Measure shopping cart transactions

Web shop visitors often place products in the shopping cart but do not complete the purchase. That's why it is interesting to know which products most commonly only end up in the cart. By the use of these metrics reactive measures can be pursued: for example, reduce the price of a product or offer more product information. The goal: a higher conversion rate.

Regular evaluation of the controlling data

A web shop requires much fine-tuning. Therefore it is important to introduce a feedback loop, in which the collected data collected are evaluated and relevant activities are executed to increase the sales / conversion rate.

Our Web shop solution is equipped from the outset with various analysis tools, so that we can provide you with reliable information about the current data of your web shop.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 30. May 2020

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