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Interfaces for easy data exchange

API stands for "Application Programming Interface". APIs are programming interfaces with which software data can be shared. You describe how software communicate with each other.

APIs are becoming more popular and are more frequently used. Large companies today, already offer accessible API interfaces with their information, products and services. This creates a completely new dynamic and allows independent third parties to work with the information and create new opportunities.

API - Schnittstellen Einsatzmöglichkeiten
API - Interface applications

API's particularly occur in the Server-client relationships in Web programming. This usually means that the client app takes care of the presentation of information and the server focuses on its management.

This way, different clients, for example, a Web page and a number of mobile apps, can be fed with the same data. The server does not need to know for which device it should prepare the data, but the client says what he needs.

cloudtec - your API Integrator

Cloudtec developed and operates modern APIs that help to connect the software with their partners and customers. Our proven experts understand how to design APIs from scratch and to iteratively lead to maturity. A well programmed API can open new doors and is a pioneering tool for business.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 3. October 2021

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