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Indian cooking classes

Customer: cookindianURL: http://www.cookindian.ch

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At this page, special emphasis was placed on optimizing the search engine entries. This page is currently # 1 on google when searched for "Indian cooking"! A system was developed to facilitate course reservations with which the client can independently advertise courses. The courses can be booked directly online. Participants will be debited automatically and the status of the course availability is permanently up to date. The cooking class customer receives all information and the invoice immediately via email. In addition, a module was programmed for the recipe database. (Adjustment of the volumes to the number of people) Print optimization with individual and current information directly on the recipe print out.


  • Google rank # 1 for (Indian cooking)
  • Recipe generator and volume calculator
  • online course registration
  • automatic reservation confirmation

Easy to work with, approachable, available

cloudtec has enhanced my existing website with their sound knowledge, hard work and creativity. They were open to my suggestions without giving up their own point of view, I liked that.

Testimonial ImageParul Schnitzler-Shah, CEO of cookindian.ch

Performed works

Performed works

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