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Web-application - SUMO

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Short description

A Web application that is not publicly available. It serves as an interface between the IT service provider and its customers. Both have a login screen to log in to the secure area and can track current tickets and tasks.

For the IT service provider, it has additional features such as recurring task, soft - and hardware license management per customer (with reminder). Tickets can be assigned to various employees. Each ticket has a history, and the customer can track exactly what has happened so far.

Statistics and evaluation tools are available to get an overview of the current state of work on projects.

The project was realized by means of an own developed modular framework based on Zend. The application has been programmed according to the model-view-controller model, the database is abstracted with doctrine.


  • Proved for 5 years. Thousands support tickets created.
  • 24 / 7 ticket capture
  • Predefined problem selection when registering the ticket
  • Automated parameter passing from VMware view environment
  • Customized fields (according to customer's requirements)

Very constructive cooperation

You can describe a vision which will then be fully realized by us. Always there when you need support. Is the ideal partner for us with innovative solutions and ideas.

Testimonial ImageBeat Fuss, Managing Director of activeIT Solutions GmbH

Performed works

Performed works

Project management

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