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Non-profit organization website

Pioneering Spitex website

Customer: SPITEX BERNURL: https://www.spitex-bern.ch

Short description

SPITEX BERN is a non profit organization with public order and has been existing in this form since 1997. In addition to care services, they support their clients and customers - taking help for self-help into account - to deal with their daily work at home. Among other things, the goal of the site was to prepare information for the right target groups. So the users will be directed to the information that interests them via home page.


  • 2nd place on Google for the term 'Spitex'
  • Content is independently edited and managed
  • Employee area (accessible only with login)

Simple, proactive and creative support

Especially in the relaunch and beginning phase of our new website, the uncomplicated, proactive and creative support from cloudtec was especially important to us. Since our web site has been running in "normal operation", cloudtec has been available for help and advice whenever questions and ambiguities arose. These are resolved helpfully and promptly.

Testimonial ImageEva Zwahlen, responsible communication, Member of the management

Performed works

Performed works

Project management

cloudtec AG

Project description

Editing of the content (such as news) will be done by the web content master (responsible communication and editing) in the majority of cases, for example, for news stories. The latter will be published at regular intervals. The entries will be automatically properly displayed on various Web pages with automatically cropped images.

The HR Department for example, only sees the site tree with the jobs in the back-end and can activate new job ads accordingly. You can apply directly online to each job. The application question catalog generates different emails with attachments and simplifies and harmonizes the application process.

Like with many of our Web projects, we work together with our customers for many years and help and support them with the development of the website. There were major changes in the navigation bar and the page contents and structures. Social Media Sharing has been integrated and the Web site will soon be made available for mobile devices. A Web page developed by cloudtec, can always be expanded and changed.

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