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Away from the paper, to the electronic process

Customer: Fonds für VerkehrssicherheitURL: https://#nicht-öffentlich

Short description

The Fund for road safety (FVS) has the legal mandate to support the safety of all participants in road traffic (PW travelers, truck leader of administration, motorcycle travelers, bicycle travelers and pedestrians). The FVS assumes the educational part, to increase road safety in Switzerland. For this purpose, a specific budget is invested for the best projects (affirmative action). The current process from the application to the final payment and the final report was based primarily on paper. Cloudtec helped FVS to electronically reproduce these complex processes and to provide it to the involved partners via a Web platform.


  • Web application based on symfony 2
    comprehensive functions for the electronic process mapping
  • Customized software solution
  • Delivered on time
  • Performance & secure
  • More than 1000 unit tests written

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Performed works

Performed works

Project management

cloudtec AG

Project description

We implement our Web applications / customer portals with the PHP framework Symfony2. Our core competence lies in the development of customized Web-based software solutions. The requirements of our customers are often very individual, but there is always an appropriate and useful solution.

The software remains slim through the in-house development. Only the functionality that is really required is developed. Standard software would like to cover a wide range of functions and applications which mostly results in a significant over-design and mediocre compromises and often results in a more complex and poorer usability.

What you see is what you get

Detailed graphical mock-ups are part of all our development projects. They help us to refine the specifications and visualize the project for the customer. About 50 different mock ups and views were designed for the FVS, that pinpoint any individual "view" and visualize the functions. Thus, logic problems can be detected early.

FVS-Portal im Einsatz FVS-Portal im Einsatz
Dashboard, Unterschiedliche Inhalte je nach Benutzer-Rolle Dashboard, Unterschiedliche Inhalte je nach Benutzer-Rolle
Personalisierte Anmelde-Maske Personalisierte Anmelde-Maske
Verwaltung von Eingereichten Projekten, Fortschrittsanzeige und Filter Verwaltung von Eingereichten Projekten, Fortschrittsanzeige und Filter

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