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1 application, 2 billion potential customers

We provide tailor made software solutions, that are developed using modern methods and "State-of-the-art" technologies. Our software complies with highest demands on flexibility and expandability.

Software development

The development of individual software solutions is our core business. We create frontend - and backend applications, specific software architectures, prototypes and fully-fledged Web applications for you. We are committed to your needs and advise you objectively.

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Your own cloud

Would you like to realize or link a cloud solution or a "software as a service" (SaaS) that meets the highest security requirements? We undertake the planning and architecture of the solution for you and implement them - so that they meets all your requirements.

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You can use our solutions independent of platform on various devices. Thereby you will not only use our expertise in the development of applications, but also to analyze your business processes and for the take on of your requirements. We see ourselves as mediator between business and software development.

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Tailor-made solutions

The characteristics and the diversity of your business processes can often only be met with individual software. You will get functional solutions from us that exactly meet your requirements.

Eigene Cloud

Your own cloud

We offer a safe home for your data and Web applications, hosted and operated in Switzerland. Our cloud solutions are comprehensive and flexible.

Datenschutz und Sicherheit

Privacy & Security

The security of your sensitive data is especially important to you. We have proven expertise in dealing with such data and work with the latest security technologies.

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Requirements Engineering

On demand engineering

Software is only good when it meets your requirements. Because you work with it every day. Therefore an intensive phase of concept and clarifying your needs is particularly important to us. This is called "Requirements Engineering".

Tests und Qualitätssicherung

Testing & quality assurance

are everyday business for us. We use automated tests and modern testing methods, to uphold the quality of our software.


API solutions

Our experts design and develop ' application programming interfaces ' (API). Such interface solutions, standardize and simplify the exchange of data with your partners.