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Cloud solution

Specially adapted to your needs

We place value on flexible solutions, we adapt to your needs. Nevertheless, there are preconditions that any cloud solution should meet in regards to security.

Our cloud is redundant and distributed across two data centers in Bern. There are two independent fiber optic Internet connections. If one fails, the second modem takes over within seconds.

In addition, the access to the individual clouds is extremely restricted. You gain access to the cloud only through a secure VPN tunnel which is additionally protected with 2-step authentication. Only the necessary ports are open to the outside (Web). All traffic is funneled through our high-performance Web application firewall, which provides additional security for your cloud.

Individual cloud Setup

You decide about the configuration of your cloud. We usually recommend the set up displayed below.

Architektur Cloud Lösung
Simplified architecture of our cloud solution

It includes a productive Unix Web server, which is redundant and spread across two data centers. On a block-level basis, it synchronizes the data with DRBD in real time. Also the the data bank entries are simultaneously recorded on both servers, so that the heartbeat Cluster Manager automatically activates the backup server. And all this without loss of data or loss of active user sessions.

An integration server is required, which is used for the purchase of new software versions. It is important to have a clone of the production server so that realistic acceptance is possible. For system maintenance, where the production server are not available, a maintenance page on the maintenance server can be switched on.

Full safety thanks to daily backup

We secure the servers in an individually configurable backup. That is, the server is fully secured and can be restored in an emergency with a mouse click back to an older State.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 4. August 2015

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