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SSL certificate

SSL encryption - for professional websites

If you do business online, SSL is mandatory. It offers the best protection for trusted and sensitive data exchange between the client and the Web site.   Many visitors avoid Web pages that don't an SSL certificate. Protect your Web site and create trust.

There are several certificate types, which can be used as needed.

Type of certificate

Domain validation

Organization validation

extended validation


Domain validation is the simplest form of an SSL certificate. Only the domain name must be verified, and the certificate can be issued quickly and easily.

In addition to the domain name, the authenticity of the applicant organization is also checked. This provides better protection.

Extended validation certificates provide the best protection. Various forms have to be submitted to obtain such a certificate, and the authenticity of the applicant organization will be checked in various ways.


Between 100 and 200 CHF / year

Between 150 and 300 CHF / year

Between 300 and 900 CHF / year

There is also the group of single-domain certificates, which are only valid for a domain name, for example for https://www.cloudtec.ch. Such a certificate is not valid for https://cloudtec.ch, because www is a subdomain. If different sub-domains are to be supported, for example outlook.domain.ch, portal.domain.ch, etc., we recommend to obtain a wildcard certificate. Thus, you can register, depending on the certificate, up to five different domain names. With multi domain certificates, different domain names can be protected together. The more domain names need to be protected, the more expensive the SSL certificate will be. However, prices tend to fall.

cloudtec AG uses an EV SSL (extended validation) certificate.   These are especially highlighted in green in the the browsers.

EV-SSL-Zertifikat in der Adressleiste des Browsers
EV-SSL certificate in the browser's address bar

Protected Web pages will be given advantage by Google

Of course, the protection of customer data comes first, therefore Google promotes the implementation of SSL certificates and rewards the corresponding Web pages with better positioning. In mid 2014, we switched to SSL and documented the process in our blog. Learn how we measured the positioning on Google (ranking) and what effect it had during the switch to SSL.

cloudtec - your implementation partner for secure Web pages

Protect you your customers and gain their trust. Our experts can assist in the transformation to a safe Web page.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 29. December 2017

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