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What is open source?

Freely available and open source code

Ppen source is software which is freely available and whose source code is openly stated. This allows other developers to change the code and to adapt to their own needs. For other types of software, such as closed source software, the code can be changed only by the person, the team or the company that has created the code. The software is owned by the creator. Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop are examples of closed source software. In otder to use this software, pay royalty fees must be paid and a license agreement must be accepted.

Many programmers prefer Open Source Software because they can analyze the code to verify that the software really does what it promises. Because the source code is viewed by many programmers, the chance of software bugs, security holes, etc. increases. found and fixed in a timely manner. It is an open debate whether open source is really more secure than closed source software. For closed-source the attacker cannot parse the source code, to find potential vulnerabilities. If a gap is found, it can only be resolved by the software maker himself and play through a patch on the systems. If a company files for bankruptcy, or it discontinues the support for an application, no security patches are produced and the closed source software is a security threat.

cloudtec - your open source integration partner

Since 2011, we have been offering solutions based on open source to our customers. Our experts successfully implement projects of all kinds in this way.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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