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Project procedure

Implement your ideas into action - faster than you thought

Today you have to be quick and good

. We deliver high-quality, scalable Web applications and Web pages. We are straightforward, goal-oriented, deliver on schedule and value the cooperation with our customers.

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You want software and no problems

At an initial meeting we get an overview of the overall project objectives and expected results, as well as the benefits of the project for your company.

We see the conversation as a creative session, where we brainstorm together to better understand your project.

Activate brain lard

Now it's up to us, to create a rough concept with your information, identify interfaces, and to examine the feasibility. Based on this initial analysis, the extent and the cost of the project can be better estimated. Cloudtec takes over the request management for you, the technical clarifications, the conceptual design, and if necessary the poject management.

Prototype design and detail concept

At this stage, we now specify the functionality of the application. Layouts or Mock-ups are created that display all buttons, input fields and GUI elements. In the detailed concept, we define the use cases, which describe in detail the features and layouts. We place much emphasis on the detail concept because the requirements engineering (defining requirements) are particularly important for Web development projects.

UI design - functional design

Before we write a single line of code, we will completely design the Web application graphically. Together with the detailed concept, we have an ideal starting point from which to begin with the Web development. The advantage of this approach is that applications can be implemented more quickly and easily this way and therefore manufactured more cost-efficiently.

Implementation and programming

After you have released the prepared documents for the implementation, our programmers and software engineers get to work.

In order to get to a working solution much quicker, we work with the SCRUM process model if desired and develop your Web application incrementally and iteratively.

Because we can offer cross-functional solutions, we have the ability to directly connect Web applications with your system, and to link with any other system processes.

Testing & activation

Tests are important to verify the functionality of your Web project and to achieve a high level of quality. After that, nothing is in the way of the release and the Web application can be used productively.

A good and long-term partnership with our customers is important to us, therefore we guarantee the support and maintenance of the provided Web application.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 28. February 2019

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