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Prototype development

Prototyping: test your idea

Are you faster than the competition? Do you want to test your idea? Do you need a prototype to convince investors?

We are specialized in the development of Web-based applications. Our own CSS framework Luna allows us to develop Web applications faster. Whether it be visualizations (wireframes) of prototypes or beta versions with reduced functionality, we are flexible and adapt the software to meet your requirements. After the prototype phase, the Web application can be further expanded and equipped with additional functions.

Prototype design

It often takes an initial spark to carry out a project or an idea. The Internet is the gateway to the world, to give a wide target audience access to a project and to test an idea. It is risky or even ends in disaster to invest hundreds of thousands of francs in the implemention of a complex web application without first checking and testing the basic idea. Small steps can make a difference and increase the acceptance of a project. Also a prototype increases the confidence in a project and helps for the generation of ideas. The incremental expansion of the prototype results in a successful application.

How much is a prototype?

We will develop with you a detailed concept that includes all requirements, mock-ups, and specifications for a prototype. The costs can vary greatly. It depends on the complexity and functionality of the prototype. Just contact us.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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