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SaaS solutions

New business models with software as a service

SaaS, short for software as a service, means that the software is hosted and operated in the cloud. The users of the software can directly without installing access the application via a Web browser. The SaaS market is currently experiencing immense growth, and many applications are developed and offered as a web based product. Different pricing models, such as monthly rent per user, change the ways in which companies use software.

Software as a service can be used to bring customers, business partners, prospective buyers, and users closer to services in the form of Web platforms and to connect them with new information, capabilities and innovation in the long term.

SaaS solution opportunities

We operate successful SaaS solutions

SaaS is operated in the cloud and runs on its own Cloud infrastructure. This must be applied accordingly to its size so agile growth is possible. Other factors such as redundancy, data security and data protection also play an important role in the design.

We operate different SaaS solutions to meet the different requirements of our customers. We use symfony 2, an open source PHP application framework for SaaS applications. Web applications offer limitless possibilities. Our expertise is to meet your business requirements correctly and to transform it through interactive programming into a working Web application.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 28. February 2019

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