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Reach all devices and platforms with an app

Mobile business apps are regular Web pages or Web applications that are optimized for smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices.

Web apps are developed for the Frontend functionality with regular Web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The backend can be implemented on the server-side with various common Web technologies, such as PHP or Node.js.

If a Web app receives data, it can communicate directly with the server. Often an abstracted interface is developed in the backend for apps which is used to query and submit data. If an Application Programming Interface (API) is developed, this can also be used by native apps, to obtain data from the server.

Distribution and installation: Web apps vs. Native apps

Different than native and hybrid apps, a Web app is not offered via the app store or the marketplace, instead it must be opened directly with a link in the browser. Advantage: The app is not installed and can be used immediately. Such a link can be sent in an email or via SMS. Native apps have to be referenced per link to the app store where the user can download and install the app.

An example

DO'ZZ is a Web app optimized for Smartphone to create meetings.
Test the app now with your smartphone: https://dozz.io

cloudtec develops Web apps

Our strengths are individual Web apps. We develop nice, user friendly and secure applications, where the look and feel do not differ from a native app.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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