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Hybrid apps

Combination of Web app and native app

Hybrid apps will be first programmed as pure Web apps which run in a reduced version of the browser on your smartphone. The HTML pages and the JavaScript code are represented in full screen. There is no address bar, forward, and back buttons that are available in regular mobile Web browsers. When this development is completed, the Web App becomes a hybrid app, once a "wrapper" is embedded, which runs natively on your smartphone. This case establishes a connection between the Web app and device-specific features (camera, accelerators, volume control etc.). This property distinguishes hybrid apps from Web apps, because Web apps cannot pass through the security barriers between the browser and the appliance hardware.

Hybride App


A hybrid app is installed and distributed via the iOS app store, the Windows store, or the Google marketplace. As with all apps updates must be made continuously, to keep up with the rapid development.

Alternatives to the hybrid app

A regular Web App or a native app. The regular Web app only has limited access to the device-specific properties, with a native app, on the other hand all of the API functions are available to the developer. A comparison of different technologies can be found here: Web app vs. Native app vs. Hybrid app

cloudtec as a software development partner

Together with our partners we develop professional native apps or hybrid apps. We passionately design and program sophisticated interfaces and build bridges between mobile and Web. Gladly we will advise you and help you choose the right technology.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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