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Web portals - versatile and popular

Portals make sense if many different users have many different needs that must be covered by a platform. Known Portal systems are those from search engines such as google.com or bing.com and personal portals such as Xing or LinkedIn, which are typically offered by big companies.

Portals are also popular with administrations and governments. This way, the citizens of the municipality, town or canton have only one Web page which they have to visit in order to be taken to the desired content or of the desired service. This is how they can directly purchase selected services at an "online counter".

It doesn't always have to be thousands of different needs or users. Even in small companies, a Web portal can make sense. Everyday work includes enough applications, which typically independently operate and process information. Mail, calendar, stock market information, notifications, a document archive, etc. A Web Portal allows to display all of this information at a unified surface according to your needs, to edit and link it.

A Web portal brings added value. The user can generate new and simplified processes by linking the various information and applications. The integration of ERP systems or the integration of interfaces also allow other partners to provide information digitally. Stock prices can trigger alerts or emails. The employee management can be simplified as well as the CRM. Store documents or edit them at the same time with your employees.

Our Web portal solutions can be hosted on your own internal company systems. You can use the portal, for example as an intranet.

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by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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