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Your own cloud

Your individual cloud solution in Switzerland

Would you like to realize or link a cloud solution or a "software as a service" (SaaS) that meets the highest security requirements? We undertake the planning and architecture of the solution for you and implement them - so that they meets all your requirements.

Compared to 'Amazon Web Services' or other large cloud providers we have full control over the architecture of the cloud and can implement customized, flexible solutions for you. Our servers are all located in Swiss data centers and enable the implementation of professional cloud solutions.

Eigene Cloud
Rough schematic drawing of our cloud solution for SaaS applications

Special solution for highest safety requirements

We understand how to handle sensitive data. We offer a special secured solution for particularly valuable data in the Web field. We use this solution for the electronic patient registration of the Spitex.

We attach great importance to Privacy and can record ll server logins of the system administrators. Access to the servers is limited to a few employees and can be further reduced depending on need.

Encrypted server

For high data protection requirements we can offer additional protection measures, for example a server hard disk encryption. Hard disk encryption has the advantage: if the server hard disk is compromised in any form, it is secured with AES-512-bit encryption and only a long secret "pass phrase" can reverse the encryption. This can be useful especially for backups of virtual servers, because it may happen that the accesses to the backup systems are not as rigorous. Learn more about the gross architecture of our Cloud solution or do the Cloud-Readiness Check.

cloudtec as an implementation partner

Our designated experts understand how to design and to operate cloud solutions and SaaS solutions. Cloudtec implements individual solutions which meet high safety standards. Gladly we offer you advice in this area.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 27. May 2021

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