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Content management system

Customize the CMS to the Web page, not the Web page to the CMS

For years, we have been relying on the PHP-based open source content management system MODX. Professional Web pages are easily manageable for everyone through this CMS. MODX sets no limits to us - that's why we love it!

Professional Web pages are easily manageable for everyone through this CMS  (www.modx.com). MODX is characterized by a single, simple user interface, as well as safe standards. The output is 100% controllable, so clean HTML5 Web pages and content flexibility are not only possible, but are the minimum. Another important feature of MODX is the focus on Search engine optimization. Unlike other content management systems, here, editors have full control over meta tags and keywords. Therefore, MODX is the search engine optimization tool no. for us. 1.

We have created a MODX user manual which we make available to our customers. We also offer optional introduction workshops.

This site also runs with MODX - a little video of the backend

We can create any number of variables and elements for your Web page and link them intelligently to content and additional elements. This video shows a part of the backend of our Web site. Of course we can set up the backend in the desired language for you. In general, it has less fields and options for our customers than shown in this video. In addition, we simplify the backend in for you, so that less savvy users can deal with it and easily manage content.

cloudtec as integration partner

Since 2011, we have been offering solutions to our customers based on MODX. Our experts have successfully implemented demanding websites with this, from classic corporate Web pages to multi-lingual international websites that meet modern standards. The combination of content management system and framework is a big plus and is highly appreciated by our developers, because Web pages are built from the ground up in MODX. Customized solutions for individual requirements.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 21. February 2019

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