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Multilingual Web sites

Serve the target market in the local language

Multilingual Web pages are often in demand especially in the Switzerland. But it is also helpful for companies with international customers if the own Web site is created in different languages. The Web is the gateway to the world and everyone can find out more on the Internet. Provide information that is in line with the market and country highlights the professionalism of your website.

It is expensive and time-consuming to produce good content. In comparison, it is cheaper to have it translated. More content on the web site means more visitors and potential customers. Nevertheless, the effort to manage multilingual content, and to always keep it updated and synchronized should not be underestimated.

Multilingual CMS

MODX CMS our choice, supports multilingual Web sites from home. Not only that: the operation of multilingual Web sites with MODX is also extremely simple.

Other content management systems such as WordPress, usually need plugins and extensions, to enable multilingual pages.

MODX has a separate page tree available for each language. So, it can be guaranteed that even with complex pages, no errors arise in the management and processing of multilingual texts and different content depending on the country and language can be published.

Manage translations

However, the best CMS is useless when upon managing the translation chaos occurs and hundreds of Word or Excel files are exchanged by e-mail between you and the translation office. Inefficient processes lead to very high costs for translations.

We, at cloudtec like to see that our work simplifies the work of our customers. Currently, we are developing an extension for MODX, which automatically transfers selected resources to a translation platform via interface. The content that needs to be translated is parked there and the translation team of their choice will be automatically informed about new texts. As soon as these are translated online with the Web tool, the texts automatically flow back into the CMS and can be published after a last manual testing. As long as we still refine and test this mechanism, we will of course help you to handle translations and thus present your Web site to a larger target group. Are you interested in this solution? Then please contact us!

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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