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Responsive design

The new generation of websites: Adaptive, user friendly, intuitive

The kind of experience that we have in the area of responsive Web pages has the advantage that will take the lead.

With the advent of smartphones in our world came new requirements on the design of Web pages. The demands placed on a Web page is fundamentally different for desktop and mobile. It is not only a cosmetic surgery, so that the website can be correctly represented on the Smartphone. Rather, there are the different needs of visitors which play an important role here. The context of the visit, the operational functions, as well as the screen size are additional points, which are incorporated into the design of responsive Web pages.

Every fifth inquiry on a Web page is sent by a smartphone or tablet. We can help you make your Web project meet this new requirement. Should you consider rethinking about your current website or a future project, we are gladly here for you. 

Responsive Web design is a strategy to serve various interest groups with the same content and the same Web page. Modern Web technology can identify with what kind of device the visitor views the page and then variously display the contents - the page reacts (responds) individually to the visitor. To design a responsive Web page, many manual interventions and repeated tests with current devices and using different browsers is needed.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 5. August 2015

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