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Search engine optimization

Attract new customers with your website

SEO, short for "Search Engine Optimization", is one of our strengths. Who puts in the effort and the costs to make a nice Web page with good content on the net also wants to be found. We will help you to bring your website to the top in search results – with proven success.

The search is an alternative way to have a conversation with a potential customer. Thereby it depends on how you present yourself and what with what terms you introduce yourself and promote your products.

Gone are the days of local business ads. Take advantage of the Internet to promote your Web site on the Internet. In Switzerland, search engine optimization is easier than, for example in the United States. We speak German, French and Italian and have a small number of stores. The search engines prefer local offers. When you start a search query in Switzerland, then the algorithms of the search engines present results mostly from Switzerland

Our Web site brings it!

We have been doing search engine optimization for more than four years and continually expand our site. In the meantime, we have thousands of unique visitors every month. But more importantly: We have won several of our customers thanks to our Web site. These are precisely the aspects that are important and that Web site operator should aim for: to have purpose for the website and to attract customers.

cloudtec AG does not do print advertising and also no ads because we attract customers through our Web site.

by cloudtec Published: Updated: 3. October 2021

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