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Tag Cloud

Spice Up Your Presentations with Active Participation

Setup a Tag Cloud in less than a minute and invite people
It's easy and free. Setup a Tag Cloud in less than a minute and invite people to join you in the brainstorming session. Submit tags from any device to the session host. A smart algorithm processes the submitted tags and dynamically updates the Tag Cloud.

Join a Tag Cloud and add your tags. It automatically computes the importance of the tags by using a logarithmic function. The words mentioned the most are displayed with a larger font. Join the cloud with any internet enabled device.

Tag Clouds that were created by other people. The clouds are presented in viewer mode and no interaction is possible here.

Use it for Presentations

Background Information

The main purpose of the tool is to use it for brainstorming sessions and active collaboration of large groups. It can be used in class for students or for presentations with large groups.

Setup a tag cloud host and then any device with internet access can join the session and quickly submit keywords to the tag cloud. The server stores the submitted tags in a database. After each tag submission an algorithm processes the submitted tags and counts their frequency. The more a word was mentioned the more important it gets. Important words are displayed with a larger font and therefore appear bigger.

The tag cloud management panel can be opened in any web browser and be displayed in full screen. In Internet Explorer you can easily access the browsers full screen mode with the F11 key. The dynamically updating tag cloud output overlays a white background which is ideal for presentations with a projector.

There is no limit of tags per session but you can limit the tags per user that can be submitted per session. For example you can allow each participant to only submit 5 tags / keywords to the tag cloud. To better control the tag submission the admin can start and stop the tag submissions for all users by clicking a single button. The tag submission is then immediately blocked and can only be released by the admin.

Accessing the tag cloud is very simple each tag cloud has a unique identifier link (t=abcd1234) like you know from YouTube and similar sites. When you create the tag cloud the identifier gets created and the link gets generated. You can send the link (which is visible in the admin panel) to the people you want to invite to participate in the session. They must then open the link or copy paste it into the browsers address bar. The site opens immediately, it was programmed extremely lightweight to also allow mobile users to participate in the session. It only requests a few KB to load the page. The submission is even faster. The user interface is optimized for Computer Screens, Tablets and Mobile devices. Depending on the screen resolution the interface automatically adjusts its look and feel.

More about the algorithm

Most tag clouds use a linear approach to weight the frequency of tags. This produces often a few words that have a high frequency and are displayed in a large font and the rest of the words are represented with small fonts. To avoid this we used a logarithmic approach. The Pareto Distribution. This function creates better results and the distribution of the words and the frequency / weighting is more realistic.

Enjoy this free tool. Your cloudtec team.

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